Jan. 2nd, 2009

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+ Happy New Year! To all my flist, I hope that 2009 will be wonderful all round.

+ The BBC will announce the eleventh Doctor tomorrow. I am BEYOND nervous. It's ridiculously stupid. And I will miss Ten sooo bad.

+ I never normally make resolutions, because, well I never stick to them. But this year I actually put some thought into what I want to achieve and so I am cautiously making five 2009 resolutions, which I am determined to follow through on.


1) To get FIT, not thin, FIT. I also got gym membership for my Christmas present from my parents, so not to use it would not just be unhealthy and wasteful, it would be RUDE. (I hate being rude, I'm hoping this will be some sort of weird incentive)

2) To do well on my A-Levels. Basically, work my arse of for the next five months and fulfil my potential.

3) Be more patient.

4) Be more understanding/tolerant of everyone. Especially my family, who I am shamefully less understanding of becuase I have the crap back up, that even if I act like shit they have to love me. Not fair and not attractive. Needs to change.

5) Be braver. I'm not sure if that's a word, but I don't care.

+ And well, if it all goes to pot, at least I tried. As Will Shakespeare once said, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained".


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