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+ I was creative today! I made cupcakes and a card for my friends 18th birthday. I am very proud of myself.

+ I  also finally got around to watching "P.S I Love You". It wasn't as good as the book but that's sort of expected and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, it was funny and sweet and obviously heartbreakingly sad at times. On the plus, JDM was being his gorgeous usual self, with the added bonus of an Irish accent. :)

+ I did that "25 Things" meme/quiz on Facebook and I thought it would be good to put it on here. So, for you perusal here are 25 posssibly interesting facts about me.


1. I like to drive at night when the roads are empty and the stars are out. I listen to music really loud and just drive, it's one of my biggest pleasures.

2. Holly means “Good Luck” and I think it’s pretty true, most of the time I feel lucky. But I don’t do the lottery because I think that I would be pushing it. Which leads me onto number 3.

3. I am a firm believer in Karma. “What goes around comes around”.

4. Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers are my smokes.

5. I have so many ideas about what I want to do with my life. A lot of the people I know are afraid for me because I don’t have any real plans for the future, but the idea of narrowing my options or only doing one thing for my entire life is what scares me.

6. I’m an early riser, it drives my family nuts because I usually end up waking them, but early mornings are my favourite time of day. It’s when I feel most alert and when everything seems right with the world.

7. I am a hoarder. I keep everything, e-mails, train tickets, school reports, and pictures, anything that ever meant anything to me is put in a box and kept. It’s partly that my memory is awful and I need physical evidence to know that it happened and partly wanting to know who I was, these things are my history and I can’t just get rid of them.

8. Cakes. Every type, I love to make them, following a recipe helps me to relax and I feel good when they come out right. I also love to eat them, no matter how bad the day, everything becomes instantly better when faced with a piece of cake.

9. I think my parents are pretty much made of awesome. They are two of my favourite people and so much of who I am is tied up in who they are. Even if they are a bit mad.

10. Saying that, one of the few things I’m scared of in life is not finding someone to be happy with the way they are happy together.

11. I’m nearly always listening to music, it can change the way I feel. Ray Lamontagne is pretty much my music God; I think I had some sort of religious experience when I heard him sing “Burn” live.

12. I’m a feminist and I’m not ashamed of that, this is how I view feminism: “A feminist is a person who answers "yes" to the question, "Are women human?" Feminism is not about whether women are better than, worse than or identical with men. And it's certainly not about trading personal liberty--abortion, divorce, sexual self-expression--for social protection as wives and mothers, as pro-life feminists propose. It's about justice, fairness, and access to the broad range of human experience. It's about women consulting their own well-being and being judged as individuals rather than as members of a class with one personality, one social function, one road to happiness. It's about women having intrinsic value as persons rather than contingent value as a means to an end for others: fetuses, children, the "family," men.” - Katha Pollitt

13. I like British weather. It’s changeable and we have seasons and it rains. The sun just makes me burn.

14. I collect quotes. I like knowing that other people have been there before, it helps with my perspective.

15. I don’t drink. Mainly because I have yet to find a drink that I actually like. This doesn’t mean that I hate it when other people get drunk, I actually find it quite amusing.

16.I am a redhead and I love my hair colour, it’s different and me. When I was younger and out with my mum, people would comment on mine and Eleanor’s hair colour and I was never skitted for it so I never even thought to dislike it.

17. Tea-whore is an adequate description. “Holly, put the kettle on” is the most spoken phrase round our house.

18. Basically my A-levels are about people, their stories and how they fit into the world. That’s what really interests me, people, their motivations, their fears and dreams. I love people and I have faith in them. I believe people have the ability to be really good and that ability far outweighs their ability to do evil.

19. My sister and I fight most of the time but we are also fiercely protective of each other. When we get out of the teenage wilderness and out of each other’s pockets I fully expect her to become my best friend.

20. Yellow Tulips are my favourite flowers. I like how they fall when you’ve had them for a few days.

21. My cousin Jenny made me her daughters godmother, I don’t know why she chose me, but I take the responsibility seriously and am determined to be someone she knows she can always come to if she needs me.

22. I am interested in politics because I have a strong sense of right and wrong. I think the world is unjust at the moment and the people running the show are doing the best they can to keep it that way, I hope this changes and I will do anything I can to make it change.

23. I have yet to mention books, basically my biggest luxury is spending hours in a bookstore and buying a new book, preferably a hardback. The best books are the types that stop you from picking up another book for a while because the book is still with you and the next book wouldn’t get the attention it deserves.

24. Poetry is different from books right? Well, anyway I have a thing for poets and poetry, I don’t know really how to explain what I mean.

25. I feel I should end on something earth shattering. I like a good giggle. And acting like a five year old. Maturity is overrated and boring, kids are happier.

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