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Because I miss Season One very much at times. It was all so (relatively) simple then.

My rambly thoughts underneath will make it all clear. But for now, just appreciate their faces, look at them being all gorgeous and confused.

So, 4x14. I was ever so slightly spoiled before I watched it, I knew that they were going to have some big wrestley type fight at the end and I was half looking forward to it, hoped that this would be the catalyst, after which they would stop all their playing with angels and demons and go back to being SamandDean. No such luck. I hated their fight, well I loved it, but in a "I hate this as it is causing me physical pain and I think I'm going to cry" kind of way. And just, boys. Why must you do this to me? More importantly, why must you do this to each other?

I want to magically transport them back to Season 1 where Sam had FAITH and Dean had PIE and the I-don't-want-to-talk-about-it-walls were only for show and to protect their manliness. I miss the monsters of the week, who did evil things and so needed to be hunted and killed and them promptly were. But most of all I miss their togetherness. I want to shake them both and say "I know Sam has demon blood in him but he also has Winchester blood in him, the same blood that is in Dean and that is the most important part of you. Of both of you. It makes you brothers. It connects you. And that is why everything, demons and angels included are so friggin scared of you. Now play nice!"

And since I don't think they are going to play nice until the finale at best and now it's hiatus I am going to gorge myself on Season 1 :)
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